A mere story, or a life lesson? I am not certain, but what I do know is that I have lived, seen, felt so much through the eyes of my clients.

How interesting that women sometimes radically change the way they look… And here I am, once more, highlighting this issue, namely the importance of outward appearance.

Stories from the heart, for the heart. This is how I would like to name this section, as I am confident that these accounts will resonate with many of us and will give us something to learn from them.

Today’s story focuses on an imposing, charismatic woman, who takes your breath away as you are somewhat scared to go inside her mind. But behind this imposing façade there is pain, a whirlwind of emotions and feelings, a hurricane that would like nothing better than to become clear stream water. And there is something else hidden and rooted inside…the need for a change that must start with herself.

And this is how the transit of change, accompanied by weight loss, constant exercise and diet, makes its presence felt. But the accompanying deep despair over a man impossible to forget, is shattering. It is easy to judge such a situation, but difficult to empathise with it. Why? Because empathy requires an act of profound introspection. We all dream about an ideal relationship and life, a story rooted in our hopes and illusions, but are we all honest enough with themselves to realise this?

There was a lot of bitterness in this troubled soul, but the hurt was not allowed to escape its inner prison. And thus, many hardships were endured, many restrictions were born, such as giving up the hearty Sunday meals she had known since childhood.

The change started timidly, but confidently, materializing in a surprising transformation. I still do not realise if this was due to a proper nutrition plan or to an emotional charge, but the biggest realization I became aware of when I saw her during her workouts was that she retreated into her own world, where she smiled genuinely and felt her best self. She transformed her body into one that turned many heads, a perfect feminine physique, an ideal for many women. And still, all this male attention was ephemeral, like snowflakes melting when they kiss the ground. She only wanted her own ray of sunshine. That was all.

“Emi, it’s an emergency. I’ll be at the gas station in 20 minutes. If you cannot make it, I will understand…”, I heard a voice coming from my phone, breaking the night silence. Confused, in my home clothes, I rushed to meet her. I was imagining various scenarios, but to my surprise, I was met with a genuine smile. I was so bewildered that I wondered, “Is this a bad joke? Is this woman ok?”

Instead of a customary greeting, she said, loud and clear, “I am done”. I do not think I have ever heard a word spoke so resolutely. It is hard to explain the impact and depth of her words. After an honest conversation, faced with her ideal, she realized that her life, heart, soul, are the most important to her and that, all this time, she had been wrong about what her ideal truly was. He wanted a plump treasure, but what about the inner treasure, the one that makes us different from one another, makes us unique in our attitudes? Does that not matter too?

I was so taken by the honesty of this little story that I felt both used, and fulfilled; at the end of the day, I was the only one who felt the radiance of her genuine smile.

After a long and devastating discussion, filled with smiles and powerful emotions, I asked, like a spoiled child: “Ok, ok, but what about your workouts?”

And she answered: “you know I don’t believe in flattery, but, my dear, do you know why I asked you to come here, before I left town? During all this time, together with you, I have found myself, I have learned to appreciate myself and to think that my body matters both to my physical and mental health. In this middle of my life’s upheaval, I welcomed you, the most beautiful and genuine gift. Thus, I promise you I will never give up on what you told me, what you taught me and what you made of me. Do you know that you so much more than a screaming, agitated little person?”

I was confused. Distracted. And all of a sudden, streams of tears were falling down my cheek. I was stuck, frozen in place. And some time later, I received a photo with a one-year long membership in her name.

And now I am thinking: how great it is to see how people evolve, how they learn the importance of living, working out and the harmony between body and soul.

What I want to emphasise is that life is, actually, beautiful and the real treasure is within ourselves. Have the courage to look inside, to listen and understand. You are the best gift that life has to offer!

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