Our story

At PTS by Emilia we believe that fitness is not just getting on a treadmill or go and push the fitness machines- it’s about strengthening and conditioning your body and mind and getting everyday a better edition of yourself, so you can be the person that you meant to be!

By a few words , we are located everywhere in the world. Everywhere you have an internet connection you can connect with us and train with us.

Our facility, located in Cluj Napoca, Transilvania, is an open space fitness studio, where you are welcome anytime with you kid or with your whole family.

We believe in bodyweight training and functional fitness, and we can bring this to your home doesn’t matter where you live, because our highly trained and certified coaches will help you set your goals, teach you how to do the exercises in the right way to prevent you from injurys online just from the front of a laptop.

You will never feel lost or bored with us! We have everything! You can find lot of membership types designed for you or your, your family and your friends. Whether you are looking fot group training or 1:1 training or group class trainings, we’ll take care of everything. You can even design your own membership type, just show up and be ready to move!