When was the last time you attended a fitness class? Do you remember how it feels on your skin and muscles, all the energy of the group and music?

Today I want to tell you about our experience, as coaches, with online classes. Since we started building up this small community back in June 2020, its evolution has continued to pleasantly surprise us. It all started with a “hand” full of people, eager for a healthier lifestyle after the pandemic. The same people that are still present in our classes, full of energy, with an amazing evolution and with an unwavering ambition.

A community that soon turned into a family. From correcting the execution of the exercises and the whole motivation during the class, to discussions about holidays, in our online class we cover them all.

From the moment we open the Zoom meeting, until the end of the class, there is no moment when I do not feel the energy of the group, everyone’s motivation to overcome themselves with each exercise.

I will detail what I consider to be the top 5 benefits of group training:

  1. You will make new friends. You improve your socializing qualities and overcome barriers of interaction.
  2. You will absorb the energy of the group and you will always find the necessary motivation to complete the training. Imagine a group of people full of energy, all with the same goal, a healthy body and mind. Even on the hardest days, you will see that the group will “pull” you up.
  3. The constant challenge. Your motivation will increase as you will be challenged with different exercises and workouts, through which you will move to the next level of difficulty and you will prove yourself that you can do it.
  4. Developing a competitive spirit in a healthy way. In our online classes, this aspect of our personality can only become a positive one! When you feel that you can no longer continue, you look at your colleagues that are “suffering” in the same way you do, and you will certainly be able to do a little more.
  5. And the most important benefit: Well-being. You might have had a hard day, but after our online classes you will leave unloaded and full of vitality!
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