As the title says, today we will make a small reference to what you should always look for before choosing a personal trainer to work with, to evolve, to grow and become a better version of yourself.

First of all, I want to start by telling you what a personal trainer is.

He is the one who’s motivating and teaching you to reach new limits, to grow in experience when it comes to doing physical activity and as it is normal to bring you in a better physical and mental condition. Along with physical development, there are immense mental benefits, but we’re going to discuss this subject in another blog.

Let’s see now what happens when YOU choose a personal trainer.
You get to the point where you want to start doing a new sport, to become healthier and to be in a better shape, to change your physical shape but most importantly to enjoy every moment of life without being stopped by muscle aches and pains. or fatigue appeared after climbing the steirs at 3rd floor, or after 2 minutes of running.


You think that you will not be able to do this alone, you do not know the field so, you need help, from a professional that you can rely on and so you end up thinking about starting your journey with a personal trainer.
The simplest decision would be to get into a gym and get the first personal trainer who jumps in your way and promises to bring you in the best shape of your lfie. Sounds too easy to be truth, right?

The field of fitness is very vast, there are many coaches to collaborate with, so what would prevent you from looking for one of the best coaches, in whom you can have full rely and who does not promise you unimaginable results, he teaches you how to reach your goals and what is required for that.

To make this a little bit simpler for you, i will show you me some aspects to pay attention to, when choosing your personal trainer:

  1. Don’t just look for results (these may or may not be true)
  2. Don’t just look at his physical appearance (the fact that he looks good does not indicate that he is a good coach)
  3. Don’t be convinced by the Instagram page and the very complicated exercises you see, even that look attractive and so satisfying, but they can make your condition even worse (fitness is an already quite complex and quite well known sport. It is true that new information always appears but not new movements or new muscles 🙂)
  4. Do not choose a strict trainer, with too complex to keep diets,  with training plans far beyond your powers, which will promise to bring you in the best shape of your life (always ask for explanations and analyze the situation, it is not even so hard)
  5. Try to find a coach who can give you pertinent answers to your questions on this side (simple and correct answers to help you understand what you have to do and especially, “WHY?”), or even if it is exceeded in certain situations on certain topics, he will study and come back to you with an explanation as soon as possible (you can’t know everything )
  6. It will present to you from the beginning with good and bad how realistic your objectives are, why it is necessary to achieve them through a well-determined plan that will keep you motivated and that will give results.
  7. He will always be patient with you, and his attention will be directed to you and your goals

Choosing a coach can be very simple, but at the same time very complicated.
As I said before, the fitness world is full of coaches, and your right to choose is infinite. So, try to find a minimum of information about the trainer before choosing him and putting all your trust in him, because an injury due to an unnatural movement can keep you away from sports for a long time or make your current situation even worse.

What problems did you get with your personal trainer? Or how did you choose your personal trainer? Tell us your story in the comments section!


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