Private training LIVE

PTS By Emilia comes to your with a special package designed to “accelerate” your steps towards a healthy lifestyle, sustainable and adjusted to your own lifestyle:

  • Personalized individual training sessions

You will receive 12 personalized training sessions (40 mins./session). Your personal trainer will tailor each session to your fitness and resistance levels and your aims. Each session will be closely monitored so that the path to achieving your goals will be safe and efficient.

  • Warm-up and stretching training sessions

Your trainer will make sure that you fully understand these two very important steps for a training session and that you execute them correctly. After mastering the basics, each workout will include two extra offline sessions, one for warm-up (before workout) and the other for stretching (at the end of the workout), so that, during the training session, executing each exercise correctly and efficiently will be our only “care”.

  • Offline posture sessions:

Any clear goal comes with sacrifices and, then, results. We know that, during a workout, sacrifice means physical effort and overcoming one’s comfort zone. But we also know that posture is the key to a good physical condition. That is why your membership includes 4 offline posture sessions especially designed to ensure your  back is in optimal condition at all times, not only during workouts.

  • Nutritional guidelines and advice:

Your membership includes a complete nutritional guide, updated periodically, based on which we will build healthy, long-lasting eating habits tailored to your own lifestyle. We will closely monitor your progress in this crucial regard by asking you to give us a weekly feedback concerning your meals. Thus, you will receive constantly updated advice from your trainer.

  • Monitoring and feedback:

As the mind and body work hand in hand, we will closely monitor and record your physical and mental progress. Thus, each training plan will be updated monthly based on statistics from the previous month.

  • Monthly reevaluation:

You will receive a monthly reevaluation via videocall, during which we will share our feedback regarding your progress, your eating habits and we will decide together on next month’s steps. By using the data gathered throughout a month of training, we  will make sure that each new step will be as precise as possible.

  • Motivational counseling:

“Because the essence of sports is to reach one’s own limits and see if one can go beyond them” (Pascal Bruckner), your trainer will always find the right encouragement to motivate you to go a little bit further, however difficult it might seem.

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Diastasis Recti Repair – Private Training Live

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a multitude of physical, mental and behavioural changes. Abdominal diastasis can be part of these physical changes and this occurs as the pregnancy progresses. A pregnant woman’s body must adapt to a growing uterus. After birth, the diastasis should resolve itself in a few weeks.

Two thirds of women going through a second pregnancy experience the diastasis of the straight abdominal muscles, a condition that continues after giving birth. This condition occurs especially in women after 35 or in those who went through multiple pregnancies. There is a greater chance that this condition will occur in women going through a second or third pregnancy than in the case of women who only had one pregnancy.

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Private Online Group

      Private Online Group is the perfect choice if you too consider that competition often breeds success. This Private Online Group consists of four-person groups which have live access to personalized training sessions and encourages constructive competition to develop motivation and personal ambition

      The PTS team will be by your side the whole time, during the live training sessions, as well as via phone counseling, monitoring, assessment and re-assessment. At the same time, Private Online Group will unveil for you the secrets of a proper diet, as you will receive a complete Nutrition Guide (healthy recipes inspiration, nutritional substitutes, diet guidelines). In addition to the 12 live sessions, your membership also includes offline posture training sessions available through your client account on our website after your membership becomes active.

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Private Group Class Live

     PTSbyEmilia is your easy introduction to the world of online training through this type of membership especially designed for those who miss the vibes of a live training class; every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 8 PM, carefully selected standard live training sessions will be your guide to a positive and, hopefully, a long-lasting change.

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